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Futures FX and Donchain Channel

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I've been in rooms were the moderators were trading live,sim and or not trading at all. The difference is in the live rooms I been in the moderator was trading more then a couple contracts the situation could turn your stomach when trading was bad but joy when good because it was REAL. The live room moderators made more mistakes and broke there rules more then you would think but still managed to make money. To me a live room is the moderator showing a live dom or live trader plaform that you can see most if not all the time. If you only want to learn the method then live is not important.I am not in Simon's room everyday because I get distracted and want to focus on my trading. IMO when you learn a method (when learning try to copy the method as close as possible) thoroughly then you can break it down and make it your own. I don't trade the same way as Simon but use parts of his method for my own style of trading.I went back in the room last week and Simon has the Ninjatrader chart trader up and showing his account number everyday I was there.


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