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Scarcity Thinking: The Real Problem Behind Fear-Based Trading

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Good aticle and the guy identified a lot of truth in there but I disagree with the 'solution' he offers. Feels like he got bored at the end and just wanted to wrap things up by saying you need to grieve it and then release it. Just because a person finally identifies the source of a problem, doesn't mean its easy to fix. Identification is only the very first truth you have to face. Negative energy has momentum. Honest authentic change requires determination and a lot of effort. A lot more than what is implied by the author.
Still, a good artice.

True, it's not easy at all. I think identifying the issue is the first like you said. Then formulating a performance improvement plan. Set milestones and grade your self on the program. Setting small achievable, not money-related goals will help one in the direction they need to go.

The most crucial part is identification, because if you canít identify the issue than you do not have a basis to work from and improve upon.

I think this article is intended to bring the reader into buying his services but definitely gives the reader something to think about. Perhaps, the next part would be him suggesting how one could go about creating the performance improvement plan. 😊 Oh yeah, and don't forget to breath and get into the alpha state of mind.

Failing and anxiety are apart of learning something new. If you fail, get back up and push through the pain, and itís okay to be uncomfortable.
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