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Hello, long time lurker and first time poster!

Figured I would weigh in on this topic. Apologies in advance if I am repeating what was on the webinar, as I haven't upgraded to elite yet, but I wanted to share some things that I have been doing throughout my trading career in hopes of contributing to this discussion that have been both helpful in daily life outside of trading and immensely helpful in becoming profitable.

For me, the spiritual side of trading involves visualization and meditation. Not necessarily to connect with a higher spiritual self or the like, but you find in all professional areas of sport or upper business that these successful people either knowingly or unknowingly connect with their universal consciousness to bring about their desired outcome in life. Either a basketball player training to visualize every shot going into the basket as they take it or a would-be CEO envisioning themselves at the top, both practice the same techniques although in vastly different professions. Thoughts are energy, every result is at the end of where that energy has been going for some time.

Meditation on the other hand draws the emotion out of the mind, making it easier to make decisions and think clear, and also to dive into ourselves to analyze our subconscious thoughts. It's crucial especially in a beginners career to identify the mind throwing out negative thoughts such as "I can't do this" or "I don't deserve to make this much money" or even emotions such as greed or lust for what a profitable career can bring. The subconscious can bring about fame or ruin just as easily as the other. Letting go of the ego was easily one of the most important parts of my career.

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