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I didn't think I would type this

In my view, we have three very distinct parts to what comprises oneself. Body. Soul. Spirit. The soul, if you will, connects the body to the spirit. Like a bridge a path or link. Or maybe I should say, can, connect the two. The spirit being nonmaterial nonphysical and not something we can comprehend, yet.

I agree with you, not in these exacts words, maybe as physical bodies we are not capable of having all 360 view. But I do believe that for being good at anything, one needs a happy spirit, spirit here may not refer to soul but the state of mind.

You see, during my business masters one of the topics often discussed was entrepreneurship, its not just about having novel idea but its lot about you following your "spirit vision". In reality you know nothing of future but you still choose the path that you do. Most time it may not work out, but sometimes it does, here its just not about innovation or even having the vision its also about timing. Making it very apt topic to discuss in background of trading.

For me trading is of similar dynamics, you can be smartest person on this planet but if your spirit doesn't agree with you trading you wont make it. Trading is lot about being happy from within, that is also key to controlling your emotions like greed and fear. Outsiders may think you are working towards illusory goal but in reality in your head/spirit view you are very clear on what you are doing. Of course, triumph only comes to very few and many fail, and reasons can be kept aside for later analysis.

So to finish my mumble jumble here, spirit or state of mind is what we are really trying to address by discussing very complicated topic called "psychology", right now approach of psychology is finite, its designed to find answers in your past to decipher your actions today but in reality there is very large part of you that has nothing to do with your past, it has lot to do with your future or maybe core of your DNA memory (360 degrees), just like fetus in womb trying to develop limbs.

Okay, I'm getting little out of control and I might have offended lot of psychology majors, but its really not about that, remember what I said? As a physical bodies we are not always having the 360 view of the things. I've no clue if we will ever change, but if there was ever anyone deserving of title "enlightened being", would you not say its to the one who has this 360 degree vision? A happy spirit? A chaser of dreams or that illusory target?

/I think my brain is rebelling on me there and I should keep alcohol down on Friday evening if I plan to come on forum

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