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Traders Love privacy ?

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I think there are two aspects here

My 2c from general observation of my self

When I started out, I wanted to gather info, I wanted to talk with people everywhere, my friend, my uni finance profs, my company research team, I wanted to talk to my broker, I wanted to attend free seminars (mostly they are snake oil salesmen pitching seminars but still), I wanted to basically do everything that can be done to learn/get info from others and check how they were doing if they were involved with markets. And it didn't matter who they were.

That slowly started to change when I found that these interactions were not fruitful anymore, its not that I didn't want to continue with the exercise, its just that my horizon was changing. Then I moved on to my local traders grps, then national ones, then international forums, started coding, starting performing research on my own and did many tests on things that may or may not be useful for me. This didn't happen in small period of time, and it was fastened a lot due to advent of social media in this generation, but it did happen. And when it was happening, my interactive circles kept changing, tbh mostly without even me knowing.

That's a first aspect, which can be considered as "widening of your own horizon" and the change that came with it, which was kind of ppl you talked with.

The second aspect is as you become serious and able trader, you want to get less and less disturbed when you are trading, you do not want to hear that "inside scoop" anymore, you do not want to pay heed to that "hero or zero call on expiry", you have no interest in that "next blue chip" investment recommendation. You have experienced and realized that these things can be futile and are very confusing to your own process. So you want to maintain that zone of less corruption to your thought process and want to trade your own idea and system.

This second aspect can be considered as "traders disciplining themselves" to get finite expected results on their own ideas. They have matured from pure gambling and trading on news.

Neither of these two things suggest that there is suddenly lack of will to share or learn from others as you move forward, its just natural change in oneself and result of progressive path. Trading is very niche business, and there are even less ppl taking it as full time career path, so obviously it will narrow as you move forward. On a flip side, if this hasn't been happening it may mean that there hasn't been that much progress in oneself. That last statement is mostly my view, do not take it personally.

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