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Anyone mind sharing their trading plan?

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-Stick with one way of analyzing the market until I have that mastered and only then begin to look for new kinds of trades
-Backtest ideas over several years of data. Once the edge is verified, only trade the smallest size I can live until I have a track record that gives me confidence that I can stick to the execution plan and have confirmed that it's a profitable strategy.
-Daily alarm management for when various price levels are hit that require action or analysis. I swing trade so I don't stare at the chart all day during the trading session.
-Stay on top of the news daily.
-Set aside time weekly to look for small improvements in my trade types or find other related trade types, but don't go overboard on looking for new things. Stay curious, but focused on what is working for me.
-Get on regularly to be inspired by the success and ideas of others
-Read books about what the future holds for the financial system, trading psychology, and mental and physical health.
-Limit my exposure to negative people
-Get out to the mountains weekly to bike

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