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Practical Spiritual Trading

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Body. Soul. Spirit.

In my view, to begin, there must be a foundation we can build upon. Some framework we can hang concepts on. If this topic is Practical Spiritual Trading, itís the middle word here we need to focus on. The other two we all get.

As stated previously Spiritual relates to the Spirit. Great. What does that mean? We have probably all heard something like this before, ďShe was in good spirits today after her appointment.Ē meaning she felt happy, joyous or effervescent. ďThe children were in high spirits after hearing the news about the class trip from the principal.Ē These give us some clue that spirit somehow relates to intangibles.

It is said and I agreeÖ. You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

In the womb we are all developing the tools we need for when we leave the womb. Eyes, lungs, legs etc. It turns out eyes are completely useless in a dark environment. The establishment of eyes is not for the womb. Same ideas apply to the lungs for example. They donít work in a fluid filled environment. A great deal of energy is used growing limbs and organs. Just not for use in that tiny place. Only once we enter this great big world do these tools slowly reach their potential.

We canít explain to the growing fetus how amazing, useful and important eyes will be once they start life in this plane of existence. Microscope. Telescope. Sunsets etc. There is just no capacity, yet, to comprehend this.

If for some reason a limb or organ did not develop adequately in the womb, once out, unfortunately a handicap is realized. My daughter is an example of this with a conditioned call arthrogryposis amyoplasia.

Body is to soul as lamp is to light. Body is to mind as tree is to fruit. Body is to rational soul as flame is to heat/light. Body is to mind as water flour salt is to bread. (sorry, I think I'm hungry lol) The soul a sun illuminating the body. The body a mirror reflecting the soulís light and mental powers as rays shining out from its origin. The soul, mind or rational soul.

In my view, we have three very distinct parts to what comprises oneself. Body. Soul. Spirit. The soul, if you will, connects the body to the spirit. Like a bridge a path or link. Or maybe I should say, can, connect the two. The spirit being nonmaterial nonphysical and not something we can comprehend, yet.

All Iím able to know is I must develop spiritual limbs and organs in a parallel to the fetus growing in the womb and I canít comprehend this, yet.

More later (it's late, Iím sleepy Ölol)


It is an axiomatic fact that while you meditate you are speaking with your own spirit. In that state of mind you put certain questions to your spirit and the spirit answers: the light breaks forth and the reality is revealed.
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