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Practical Spiritual Trading

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Practical Spiritual Trading

FIO just had a webinar on this subject (near and dear to my heart) and now seems the perfect time to begin this thread. Thank you @Big Mike and Super Moderators...yet again. Find it here.....

This thread, in my view and if all goes as planned, can become the cornerstone of your trading. Your best Edge,
Something that might spill over to the rest of your life.

As the saying goes.....

paraphrasing/quoting FT71 who's quoting a big time floor trader in a webinar some years ago

I don't expect this thread to be the most popular or for everyone by any means. What is, in this sphere? I can pretty much guarantee this Also "No Hurry" will most probably be the feel or tone, I'm betting.

Thread definition:

Practical: can be put into practice, actionable, not some pie in the sky mumbo jumbo that's hard to swallow or has the fragrance of holier than thou.

Spiritual: in as much as the characteristics and attributes of the spirit (huh? did he just start with
mumbo jumbo, he just said he wouldn't that good ole talking in a

Trading: Profitable/successful market speculation/hedging consistently over time.

More later.....


So glad you started this, Ron. Now we can get out of the webinar window and have a proper discussion of a most interesting topic.



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