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Futures FX and Donchain Channel

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Make up your mind,daza! Have you been a member of Simons room or not??? You say in this post you were;
In an earlier post you said you had a friend who knew someones uncle that said his grandfather mite have been a member ( or something like that) :0 Make up your mind it may help in adding some credibility to your posts in the future ?????? Some serious doubt there, daza.

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Hi TT, Yes kam from L2ST uses volume at price with in the foot print to confirm all his trades, The way in which Kam uses order flow with in the foot print or ladder as simon calls it way beyond what simon is teaching and yes kam has room for members where he trades and call his own trades out in real time.

Unlike simon who is using the channel which is effectively a line drawn from the high and low of 20 bars back Kam uses the actual thing that drives the market to dictate his trades levels and set ups, buy looking at value and supply and demand Kam has better location and far better risk to reward, unlike simon who seems to take a tick or two here and there and seems to want to get out of a trade the moment he has got in with out letting the trades work.

Again just my opinions based on what has actually help me progress as a trader.

If I new then what I new now I would only purchase L2ST course.
OFA's course would come second and I would stay clear of futuresfx.


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