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Maximum risk percentage

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I have been trading a method that is giving reasonable returns and I am currently considering increasing my position size.

I have about $65k in risk capital. Even if I lost all of it, it would not affect my life in a dramatic way financially.

However, I have been abiding to the 2% loss per day rule, and since I am trading CL with a maximum loss of $1k per contract, it means I am never trading more than 1 CL contract at a time.

The problem is that it will take me years to be able to increase my position substantially to really make a relevant living at this job.

For that reason I am seriously considering increasing my risk per day to 4%, and trade 1 CL contract per $25k equity instead of $50k.

Things to consider:

- My maximum stop is rarely hit, as I always tighten it very quickly via a trail system. Most of my losses are usually around $500-$750 per contract, so even with a 4% max risk, my losses will rarely be more than 2-3%.

- My target is the same as my max loss, $1K per contract, but for the same reason as I rarely take a full loss, I also seldom take a full win. In general my risk/reward is about 1/1. This also means that I rarely have a very long stretch of losers.

- I take no more than 1 trade per day (some days I don't even get an entry), so not only would this be my max loss per trade, but it would also be the max loss per day.

I would be interested to hear people's thoughts, thanks for reading.

take a days ie: $2 for simplicity

divide range by 1/2 = $1

goal is $1 per contract. if you make less than 1/2 ATR you're need to trade larger if underperforming

(too much???)----ok then 1/4 is goal. if you're 1/4 the ATR daily then add risk.

For 50k (and you don't care if you lose it) do 1 per 10k----but not all at once.

donno how you trade but add up is better. so say scalping/intra day swing going for 40-60c moves---

start with 1-2 contracts---if it goes against you beyond MAE cut it

if it goes in your favor---add on b/e test

...add on pullbacks or vwap tests

...add on breakouts and build a position

if the breakout reverses then cut add ons and reduce size

if you catch a good trend adding all day, reduce size at close and repeat next day.

don't like it? you can always position trade off daily/weekly-- risk 5%

if 2% of 50k is 1k
then up 2-3k risk and avg down for full size. if not in profit for day then close it...start over next day

do what works for you and stay comfortable in size....if 1 contract add makes you nervous then put in orders n stops and turn the computer off

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