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New to Futures, but Hitting the Wall

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@Wizard3ootz What's up man!? Trust me we've all been there. Before I trade any strategy live I automate the best I can then backtest it over multiple markets. I go over this sort of thing in detail in my journal or maybe on a few other posts on the regular forums. I need to know what to expect so I'm not purely gambling. That's the the first step I would look into. if not that then at least take all of your trades so far and put stats together on that. winning %, r/r, expectancy, max win, max loss, avg win, avg loss.

we all go through losing phases and the key is to not over trade and to cut the loser so you have money left when your strat starts winning again and you can maximize your account. If you're not sure then you need to take a big step back and trade some strategies sim for a while.

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