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Psychology and Money Management

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What do you do to stop overtrading / manage trades?

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you need to do some soul searching and stop looking at external issues and start looking inside,

why are you over trading is it because you need the cash for something? are you trying to fund some dream figure this out and be honest with yourself..

next why are you over trading, is it because you like the rush, do you have a misconception of what traders due?

do this with every problem in your life and take your time with it... trading is more about controling whats in between your ears then anything else... don't rush these questions some times they take months to answer and thats okay because once you get the answer to your problems/ whats causing them.... only then can you fix them...

kinda like being in AA everyone admits there an addict .. admit what your doing wrong and work to fix one problem at a time.


Very good post and I agree. There’s no reason for people to keep “getting slammed” in order to try to figure out the mind game.

Take whatever time you need to get the mind game right and solve all of your issues. And then go back to trading.

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