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What do you do to stop overtrading / manage trades?

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fear of missing out.. leads to overtrading. everyone faces it to a certain degree

find out how 'emotional' you are.. find out your personality on one of those free online tests & learn about yourself. knowing & acknowledging a fact like 'i am neurotic' can already work wonders for your trading

one self prescribed cure is to have a current pic of you, side by side with an aged +30 or 40 years pic of you. will the old you approve of this trade? missing out on moves/trades dont matter. it surely wont matter to an 80yo you. there r much more important matters in life, like playing with grandkids

only when one can see fomo in oneself, only than can one seriously consider trading for a living

for the thinking inclined, backtesting, programme trading. follow the plan, nothing is left to fallable discretion

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