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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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MerlinWorld View Post
I can't believe after all this, there are STILL negative comments.

Alright, I'M DONE. Congrats, you managed to kick me out. You can tell Dan he can come back.

Anyone who would like to continue this research, just PM me.


Done what? Done listening to people trying to help you? Done listening to people that have traded and won/lost actual real (non-sim) money? Done listening to those that have already done exactly what you are trying to do -- and know with certainty it will not work -- yet still try to spend their valuable time to help you?

What exactly is it you are done with? Done learning? Or done listening?

Your behavior encapsulates the antithesis of what our community stands for. But how long are we expected to continue you to allow the constant negativity against anyone and everyone trying to help you?

You are not here to learn. You are not helping others. There will always be rookies entering the market, and that's fine. Here, we choose to try to educate them with helpful and meaningful advice based on valuable experience, experience gained trading real money (not sim). There are some who like your system, and that's fine -- so long as they know the system itself isn't what is important, and certainly by itself isn't profitable, regardless of what any backtest report says. So long as they recognize that, anyone and everyone can find value in ideas on how to approach a trade. But you sir have completely failed at the rest of trading, the important pieces of understanding how the market works, why it works, why placing blind faith in a system is doomed to fail on its own, your lack of understanding the psychology of trading, even the psychology of trading an automated system.

Let me tell you who is done. We're done, with you. Go on and go back to the other forum and complain about how unfairly you were treated, how so many people loved you but the big bad wolf admin banned you and closed your thread, and poor you for all the time and help that other traders, real traders, have tried to bestow upon you, but how none of these people know better than you. And don't forget to mention how we continued to call out your lack of experience, despite the fact you corrected us so many times telling us just how much experience you have!

Have fun! It's a Monday, and the ban hammer has dropped for the first time in a long time. Case closed!

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