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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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To me, Merlins system will work. It always has.?

It always has?

Can you please elaborate on this?

I'm asking because well... I don't even know myself if it will work. I can see because of my experience at TS that this indicator is by far one of the best there is on the market but we all know that an indicator is just that, an indicator and NOBODY got rich just because of an indicator.

I have said it on page 1, if you don't have a Trading System, YOU...ARE...GOING...NOWHERE and to me an indicator, as good as it may look on my chart...DOES NOT...make me a killer Trading System. I still have a LOT of work ahead of me before I can scream victory.

Now I appreciate your post (hope you didn't try to come to my "rescue" because I can handle these "kids" with 1 hand behind my back) but yeah... please elaborate.