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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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In NT you can create a custom Session that can have session starts anytime you like.
(In case you wanted to try and match your TS session)

If I want to match my session and my EasyLanguage code, I can always download the MultiCharts version that works with EasyLanguage but it cost me a nice $1,500.

With my broker, the .NET version of MultiCharts is free of charge and NinjaTrader is not part of the list of free charting software.

I want to make it as low cost and low risk as possible not just for me but everyone else who wants to trade but don't have a lot of $$ to burn.

With AMP:

- A Trading Account can be opened with only $100 ($400 w/ NT and $5,000 with TradeStation)
- One M2K Micro Russell 2000 contract cost only $25 in Intraday Margin ($50 on NT and $100 on TradeStation)
- You need only 5 Pts of profit to buy a 2nd M2K contract (you need to make 10 pts on NT and 20 pts on TradeStation)
- The CME live data feed cost for Futures is only $5/month with AMP
- When finally converted into C# running on MC, my 2 Clouds Code and Trading System will be free to download

The lower the trading costs, the more the trading keeps in his pocket.

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