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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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I believe what would be best is to wait until the final version of this indicator is completed for ninja 8 and then forward test it in real time using a variety of different bar types.

Yup, that's part of the plan alright. Back test, Forward Test, live sim then live trading.

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Mr your ultimate goal to fully automate your system(kinda like the High Frequency program traders)? If so, please use caution by understanding who your competition is in this area, however, I do wish you good luck

Yes, IT HAS to be programmed because you can't quite get in those double bottoms/tops because things move too fast enough and every lost tick counts.

I looked at HFT but I didn't know that we could have access to this. I though only large companies and institutions had those.

I was about to get a VPS close to the markets to shrink the trading execution time but don't know how to get access to those HFT data centers.

Do you suggest one in particular?