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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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Oh I will be gone way before that date, trust me on that Mike.

YOU on the other hand will have to make the decision to delete or not this thread and kick me out.

If you do, a lot of your members who hate me will be happy but the 12s if not 100s of others hidding being PMs and silently lurking around that have boosted this thread by the 1000s will be pissed because they won't know the end result of the backtests.

If you don't then I will come back and post all the screenshots we come up with in our performance reports once we have them and I don't even know when we will have them. Maybe in 10 weeks there be any backtesting done yet. We'll see...


P.s I NEVER said that I was gonna be a Millionaire in 10 weeks, because well.. 10 weeks is WAYYYYYY too long for my taste. ;-D

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