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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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Don't interrupt their bashing fun, this indicator is NOT supposed to be profitable. You will ruin their party.

Of course this indicator will work, that's obvious but again ssshhhhhhhh. They are RIGHT and we are WRONG...don't forget.

lol don't take this the wrong way but the picture you paint of your self is of a sarcastic child,

I think if you would take 1 step back and see that there are a large group of people who most likely have been millionaires for a long long time trying to help you out/ bring you back to reality ... you would have a different approach.

and any testing done in renko isnt accurate, when i first got into trading a guy I worked with and I came up with a similar renko D/T & D/B strategy and thought we hit the gold mine we tested years or data and it was amazing the amount of money we SIM made but when we put a small account live it was torn to pieces because of the inaccurate bars.

now if this was any other forum i can assure you the shit storm you think you are currently getting would be 1000x times worse.

but I wish you the best of luck and if you do make it work, I've got some cash for ya and I know a bunch of other people do to lol


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