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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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The site is built on journal and contribution in a collegial professional manner. Since you are none of those things and profess as such here. Again, I recommend you be shown the door.


And of course the fact that these programmers came from THIS FORUM and 1000s of people have decided to read these threads and would like to see the end of this research...that for you is well... not important right? Just kick me out period who cares what the others think...right?

Here's a PM I just got.

By respect to his privacy, I will not of course say who sent it.

I like what you're trying to do
Hello MerlinWorld,

My Son sent me a link to your posts yesterday, and I was up late last night reading the thread from end to end.

I won't comment on the abuse you've taken from Big Mike himself and all the other Bozos on Futures io.
I admire your enthusiasm and ability to let the arrows bounce-off.
I'm not that thick skinned, hence the Private Message.

And in case you asked NO... he's not the only one here who sent me this type of PM so before you kick me out like a dog, you might wanna to respect the opinion of MANY other members here who want to hear me out and see where that research leads.


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