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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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Hi merlinworld, hi everyone

is my first post on this forum also because I write very little on the internet, I hope to be able to express my thoughts. I think that deep down everyone has or has had a bit of merlinworld in them, it is curious to see how the merlinworld posts look like those of the rebellious son and the posts of the other members seem to talk to their teenage son who does not understands the message of their parents. Your approach to the forum with this post has exposed you a lot, I hope you are a "merlinworld" magician and that you can reach your goal.
Having said that, I would like to move quickly to a technical advice.
One of the biggest problems of a trading sytem is over optimization and surely this you already know. From my last studies I discovered that to be sure of achieving the results we want, we need to have not one but many good trading sytems.
By the way, this forum is beautiful and even its participants are very good people, it will certainly not be this post that puts it in a bad light.

Good trading at all


Now THAT is the kind of posts I like; a constructive one.

Because of my lack of programming skills, I read a couple books on EasyLanguage but was barely able to modify some code much less start a complex strategy with 100s of lines of code and even less in another more complex programming code like C++ or C#.

However, I believe in the power of the community and everybody has a role to play and programming is NOT my role. I'm good in analysis, I can look at a chart, an indicator or a trading strategy in extract the best of them.

I think it was Napoleon Hill who said that I'd rather have 1% of the brain of 100 men than 100% of the brain of 1 man.

In other words, my strength is in seeing things that not a lot people see but hey, I suck at programming so I will need the help of members who like my crazy ideas to push it further and many of you saw the potential (most didn't and laughed at it and rejected it right away thinking that it has been done before and that it will fail, etc) and I'm chatting with them.

Will we make it work? Don't know. This Million $ climb is the Everest of Trading but hey... Edmund Hillary managed to set his foot on top of it's summit for the first time, why can't we do the same with trading. Revolutionize this baby with kick ass new technologies (modern charts and bar types, super low cost trading instruments, fantastic trading software and super high speed connection to the markets, etc).

It's now or never the TIME to do it. 10 or even 5 years ago, all this would have been impossible to do and would be a dream but NOT TODAY.

The indicator code is not done (yet) but it's coming soon and then everyone interested with some trading knowledge and a bit of vision, will be able to jump in and add their 2 cents to improve it.

With the newest of trading technologies, we can reduce the amount of a losing trade down to a few ticks which is crucial for this project and the Russell 2000 had a daily range of only 5-6 pts when I learned about it in 2004. Today it makes close to 20 pts and over 100s of pts overall in ups and downs almost on a daily basis and all we need is 5 of those pts.

Will we make it? Maybe, maybe not, we'll see...

Stay tuned.