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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

MerlinWorld View Post
Aaaaannnnnnnddd that's how you lose your shirt.

Go go go go go trade trade trade Buy Sell Buy Sell Buy Sell wait whaaaaaaaaaaatt?? What do you mean margin call????

No more funds in my account??? How did that happen?? Hhmmm..

I just talked about it in my last post.

1- Convert my 2 clouds indicator in C# to fit in my MultiCharts trading platform (being done as we speak)

2- Install this indicator in MultiCharts M2K chart

3- Brainstrom with "positive" programmers/traders as to where would be the best entries related to this indicator, because in case you don't know, an indicator DOES NOT make you a kick ass Trading System and without a VERY good system (kinda like Tim on TradeStation who went to the Million mark in 10 weeks with his system) this indicator and myself and everyone involved are going nowhere.

4- Backtest every good idea until we make our 5 pts profit on most days in a row

5- Sim/Paper trade

6- Buy a HUUUUUUGE $25 M2K Micro Russell 2000 contract and gamble away my life's nest egg.

7- Crash and Burn, roll into a ball in the corner and cry, crawl back to the forum, receive 2,453 "I TOLD YOU SO" forum and PM msg, signup up for the Elite Club, be brainwashed by "Real Expert Traders", come back out and become a billionaire because NOW... I will know how to trade. Right guys??

..... #7??? pffff in your dreams, over my dead body.


Your believe that an automated strategy around this indicator will make you a millionaire in 10 weeks shows to me that you are still a rookie.

Not only should you get banned for rude behaviour on this neat forum, but also for keeping the dream for newbies alive that an indicator will make you rich.

You are also spending way too much on this forum, while you’d be spending your valuable time in learning and finding an edge with this indicator if you really believed in it.

I believe you have other intentions than finding a developer to code for you.

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