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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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I'll come back in three months and look forward to seeing the results.

Oh you might want to reconsider that. I believe interesting performance report will be posted sooner than that.

Like I said, I got burned in 2005 and want to take my time to get it right.

First, I knew that minute bars were too dangerous so many of us on TradeStation voted to get those price based bars (Range, Kase, Renko, etc) but I think TreadeStation only added them up in 2011 or 12 so that kinda delayed things for me but as you can tell I'm not in a rush.

Second, when you lost $22,000 you got burned real hard and it takes a while to recover from this. Even if you can find the money, you just don't get back in like some hot head and throw it back again to the market.

I needed to make some evil Machiavellian long term "Shawshank Redemption Style" plan to get my revenge on that Stock market form hell so I looked and red 1000s of post on TradeStation which I consider to be the best forum by far (sorry Big Mike, that's why I signed up here in 2013 but decided to go at TradeStation instead) to learn as much as I could by watching and learning form the best of the best, the elite of the elite, the gods of programming and their crazy indicators and charts that all look like Christmas trees. FASCINATING is the correct word here.

So I took all this info and added them all to my research started in 2004 by Micheal Parness (Remember that one guys called from the crazy Trend Trading to win infomercial? hehe).

This is where I am. I don't know everything (nobody does) but I can hold my own, probably could teach these "experts" here a thing or two.

So who cares it it takes another 5 years to reach that plan. If I tell you that you will be a millionaire in 5 years, would you take it or say NAAAAAHHH no thanks?

Anyway, we'll see, I'm in no hurry, 1 month, 1 year, 5 years, no problem, I can wait.