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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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Which part of it's based on a FIXED PRICE channel that you missed here?

Is is NOT based on past bars like regular MAs (ex: 9 or 50 MA). Because of that those type of MA lag, NOT MINE. Look at my 5 pt high channel here...

For example, say the channel is 5 pts high and the price makes 1 tick ABOVE that high, the ENTIRE channel is being crossed ON THAT SINGLE TICK the color of the channel changes and because my Squared MA is the center line of that channel, it also changes color and since the clouds are created with those squared MAs, they also change color instantly.

So as you can see with a zoom of that channel, when the price hits the border of that channel, if the price pushes the channel even 1 tick higher.... BOOM.... the entire channel and my squared MA in the center changes color.

Do you get it now? If you don't then don't bother reply because I won't.

Of course I can see it, I came up with the idea, programmed it and found out others did the same, all good..
And yes it can react, depending on the settings, even on one tick, but that does not mean anything jet.

It all looks nice in hindsight, but what about the right end edge, and trade live with a very small stop-loss(?) you need more then just an overall direction indication. And do not get me wrong, I love it for that use!

But even with a 5 pt channel, what gives you the confidence that it would not change direction at moment of entry? your Squared Moving Average(?).
Please make 100 live entries and post your findings.. lets be realistic here..
Anyway going back to "live" trading..

PS: any MA can change color instantly on one single tick :-)

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