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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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I work with this indicator now several years, it is not a system and it is lagging

Nope, no lag with my indicator because the clouds are built with a Squared MA which is a center line of a Donchian Channel that is based on a fixed price (ex: 5 pts) instead of past bars like most MAs.

Because of that, if the threshold is exceeded by even 1 tick, the entire cloud color will change "down to the tick".

Like I said, years of experience pays off! But then again if I listen to the "experts here", I'm just a new 49 yr old "kid" who don't know shit about trading and apparenlty, I haven't been burn yet so... what do I know right?

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But I like his positive energy, and surely wish he will soon show a lot of great live trades

Thanks, I surely hope so, for EVERYONE's sake.