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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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super simple code

I work with this indicator now several years, it is not a system and it is lagging, but can give you nice direction indication, nothing more. the code itself is just a few lines.
I use it in a system on sierra charts, but the entries are based on other indicators. I use it on the Gold, CL and DAX and currencies, I think the Russell is a bit to fast to get good entries consistently.

I shared the code on tradestation (and used it mainly on TS / Multicharts) a while back, you can now also get it for MT4, under a different name, but since MT4 uses mainly time bars, it does not show up that nice.. I had it programmed for Sierra charts and I still use it a lot. After TS, I just love the capabilities from SC!

Do a bit of "googeling" yourself and you will find the eld or MT4 version if you want to see the code.. Yes, do not ask me, do the work yourself, "it is not about the destination, but the journey where you learn the most"..

I wish Merlin all the best, although I think it is all about trading and making money, not about showing graphics and ones in a while a live trade. Like myself, we are all a bit of a dreamer. :-) But I like his positive energy, and surely wish he will soon show a lot of great live trades!

Keep smiling, Nicolaas

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