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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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I don't have any trash in my head, YOU say I do because I don't want to sit and listen to your. Sorry, it won't happen.

That's what I did with EasyLanguage, I bought some books and learned it. How do you think I created this indicator? Yes I got help at the beginning for my Squared MA but after that, it's all MY CODE.

However C# is on another planet for me. I can't do it and with the help of a few programmers interested, I will send them my code and save months of learning C#.

So don't use C++. TS has a complete library of math functions. It's an object-oriented language. You shouldn't need a programmer for this. I looked at your charts. Chances are I could reverse engineer what you're doing in an hour.

You're making a huge mistake by not doing this yourself. How does a child learn a language? Repeating what they hear and then transcribing it in their brain. And voila - they can speak. Think about it.

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