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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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Seriously, you don't think I've seen this before?

Not with ME you haven't. I'm NOT everybody else.

4,500 views in the past 3 days... why do you think that is? Luck??? I don't think so, your members are smart and can see some VERY INTERESTING STUFF here.

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Best of luck, most the serious seasoned traders are not going to continue to try to help you any longer with your overwhelmingly negative attitude.

Good tell them to never come back in this thread.

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If you would just change your attitude to be open to input, you'd stand to learn something useful.


YOU will benefit from MY research not the other way around. In the past 14 years of research on MULTIPLE forums, I heard it all from guys like you and it makes me wanna cry. "It will not work, forget it, if it would have been possible somebody would have done it already, blah blah blah..."

You can laugh all you want, just wait until we start building a solid system around my 2 clouds indicator and do some backtesting. You'll see...

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