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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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Hi Merlin,

I am glad you created an indicator that helps put the odds in your favor. I have created/edited indicators in TOS which uses Thinkscript. I use NinjaTrader for futures, but unfortunately don't know how to write code in C++ or whatever they use. However, I may be able to recreate the indicators in TOS and back test them while also making the formulas of the indicators part of the bars (renko, tick, range, etc...) that way when conditions are met the bar will show a certain color, that way all you need is the bars on the screen. If you'd like to send me the code, I can give it a whirl. Also will these indicators work on any market/timeframe or have you not tried them on anything else but what your currently using?

All the best,
Joe H.

Hi Joe,

Thanks for your help but I already have a few C# programmers interested so I will let them work on it and then post the code here for everyone to download for free (nope, you won't even have to join any club to get it ;-) ).

You will need to download a free version of MultiCharts to see it or some other platform that will load PowerLanguage .NT file in .pln format though.

As for using it on other markets, nope, no interested, I have done this research a long time ago and most specifically recently using Micro Futures.

I'm a black sheep so I don't think like everyone else. I'm so far the only one who thought about this way of thinking here and that just blows my mind (maybe I really am a moron who knows). I then confirmed with another conversation with my broker that I was right all along.

You see to make as much $ as possible in the stock market, you need to look at 2 things:

1- How much that trading instrument cost you to get in and trade with it

2- How many pts or more specifically "ticks" you need to do to double your investment.

For example, let's say that you buy 1 share of a stock that cost $25 and you pick the Long direction and you are right and the stock goes up 50 ticks in your favor. What you have done is this:

1- Initial investment cost: $25

2- Profit: 50 ticks at 1 cent per tick = $0.50

3- ROI: 0.02 or 2%

Now let's move on to Micro Futures more specifically the Micro Russell 2000 (M2K).

1- Initial investment cost: $25

2- Profit: 50 ticks at 50 cents per tick = $25

3- ROI: 100%

This is the basic chart...

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This one is the more detailed version...

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As you can see, the M2K is the best trading instrument to make the 100% ROI the fastest way possible.

With Stocks, it can take you months to make those 2,500 ticks at 1 penny per tick to make that 100% ROI and make that $25 profit to buy a 2nd share of that $25 Stock.

With Forex, as discussed on Part 1, even if you make 26.5 pips daily, you will still need 5 winning days in a row to make JUST ONE doubling. Talk about wasting time here.

But with Futures (more specifically the Micro Russell 2000) if you make 5 pts...TODAY... you will make a 100% ROI... TODAY!!!

So to answer your question, NO, nothing else than the M2K and the RTY matters to me right now.

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