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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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Sorry, I don't have the CL feed and I will send the EL code only to the programmers who are helping me right now.

Hi - Do you run your tests in market replay or is it the strategy backtest engine on TS? I ask because all these backtesting engines regardless the platform, can be highly inaccurate, particularly if you're using different types of bars (I think you're using Kase bars?)
I used to have TS but their commissions are too high for scalpers. But EL is an excellent development tool. Much easier and more flexible than Ninja.
Anyway, it looks like your strategy is somewhat similar to Martingale which continues to double up. I'm just wondering if you've considered that each trade is independent of previous trades, regardless how the strategy is programmed. If you have unlimited cash to cover drawdowns and limitless time, then the strategy can be successful. But it's unrealistic to think that in a 10 week period you can rely on a setup like that to be successful. If you're working with programmers, I would suggest that you (and they) consider the optional stopping theorem. It's very relevant to doubling strategies.

In any case, good luck with your strat. Remember, even if something doesn't work or has to be tweaked, it's important to know what DOESN'T work as well as what does work. It's the first lesson you learn as a researcher.

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