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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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And I thought I would hit a negative storm hehehe, looks like I hit a Hurricane here.

You know what guys, nevermind.

If there are any C# programmers interested in this, just PM me.

If you don't see the enormous potential of this indicator (and trust me, after 14 years of being a member on the TradeStation forum which is by far the most advanced forum regarding automated strategies and new indicator development, MT4 is not far behind) I have seen a lot and so far, this 2 clouds indicator is by far the best trend finder indicator I've seen and again I've seen 100s.

Finding the daily trend is not that hard, 2 basic MAs can help you do this but find THE BEST PIVOT POINTS using that same indicator?... never seen that before.

This is today's chart, let's see if your trading system/indicator found that best entry for today (see green circle in screenshot).



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