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where to , to learn how to scalp the ES ?

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Another thing to think about, please correct me if im wrong here. I did my last year tax, statement showed me way more than what I have in my account, I truely believe thats because they tax on gross, not net. So for example you trade ES, 2 tick=$25, lets just say total fee=$5, than on top of that IRS tax=$25*15%(just guessing)=$3.75, your total net=$16.25....just 65%. I can see itís worth if you trade big and have big winning ratio, but weíre just small retails.

Now looking at the losers: 2 tick loss + fees = $30, granted not taxable, you earn $16.25 vs loss $30.

That being said, if youíre still set to just really quick scalp, trade only first and last 10 minutes, each swing for sure can give you 2 ticks easily on momentum move....thatís my secret cheat cheat sauce . Good luck.

Edit: Nie Iím even trying to change for larger target because itís not favorable for small retail.

So basically if you make $25.00 with two ticks, your net minus commission from the trader is let's say 20, more or less, but the federal taxes are calculated on the $25 not on the $20? You know that for a fact?

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