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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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Learn to program, way easier than doubling your money 21 times trading futures.

Or, since nobody seems to be willing to partner with your current hypothesis, consider that as an indicator cloud about the non delusional viability of your theory.

My question: Are you the first person to conceive this idea? I mean it's hard to imagine that none of the computational finance or physics/math PhD's at say, Goldman Sachs or Citadel, have thought of this...and thus acquired all the money ever created.

But, I am happy that you want to get serious by finding someone to divide their time to work for you for free. Dozens of people are trying to help you yet they are collectively too stupid to understand that you have it all figured out.

If you keep quoting me or including @ me replies, I will continue trying to nudge you toward reality. If you stop needing to be right I'll never type in your thread again.

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Same for you,

Have a nice day.

Now are there any serious C Sharp programmers in the house so that we can move on to more serious matters here?


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