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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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@MerlinWorld, with respect, I would like to make a suggestion that I think can only help you in your efforts to reach your goal.

I see that, now, you are not in a position to run your system in real-time, because you have your indicators on Trade Station and you can only access TS with a 15-minute delay, which makes your system unusable to you for real-time sim or live money trading. And you can presently only run your system on TS because that's what the indicators are written for. So you are soliciting help from an experienced coder to port your Easy Language code over to C# or C++.

But you are asking for an experienced coder to show up and do your conversion for you, and no one is responding. Well, without knowing what is in your code, I know I could do that. So could several of the people I recognize as professional programmers who have commented so far in this thread.

Why do we not rush to cash in on this opportunity? It is not, really, that we are stupid, or hostile, or can't accept anything new, or because this forum is not friendly, or anything else in that line. It is simply that no one believes your system will work, and we have other things to do. Also, yes, we have seen great hopes before that didn't pan out.

We have had them too. Probably everyone has done the basic calculation that if you double a thousand dollars and keep doubling the resulting amount ten times, you will get a million. I did that, long ago, and my eyes lighted up. Probably everyone has had a great new system that would get them there. I did too, and sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn't. Sometimes a million dollars is hard to get, somehow.

Now, maybe all this is just because we are all losers. Fine, you can just prove your system, fairly easily, and the amount of interest will be huge.

So here is my suggestion. You can only use Trade Station, and only with a delay. OK, for purposes of working with your system, delayed data is as good as on-time data if you're just doing simulation trading. So my suggestion is to open a trade journal here on FIO, trade your system using TradeStation delayed data, in simulation mode -- entering the trades in the TS simulation at the points where your system tells you to make them, recording the trades and your profit/loss and showing them, copied in from your TS trade summary, every day in your journal, with your thoughts and any realizations for improvement that you have. Do this for a month, and be scrupulously honest with yourself regarding your trades, the reasons for them and the results. Share those publicly every day for other traders to understand what you are doing.

That's it. You will have demonstrated to a skeptical world that your system works -- at least in sim -- you will have no shortage of interest from others who can help you port your TS code into any platform you wish.

Now, to be honest, there can be some drawbacks to this plan, too:

- You'll have to share out the secrets -- at least to a degree, if not the actual code. Certainly many traders who have a system don't want to do this, and it is fine if you don't. But then you have the problem of convincing others to help, without their having any incentive to. Your projections of a million dollars is not an incentive, because they are just projections. Trades would be very different.

- The keeping of a public trade journal can be very difficult personally, because it requires self-honesty and a willingness to be accountable for your results. This can be a problem for people, but it can also be overcome and your trading will benefit from it.

It would be understandable if you decline to take this option. But as it is, you have nothing actually to show anyone except some projections of future success and a couple of screenshots.

Now, if for some reason you can't use TS for sim trading right now, then you will have another problem, but if making a million dollars is what's at stake, there should be enough motivation there to overcome this and any other obstacle.

I wonder if you will see this comment as another attack -- or another idiot's misunderstanding of your ideas -- or whether you will think about it and at least see that the intention is wholly positive and contributory to you, which is how I mean it.

Good luck, and I do mean this.


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