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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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I have been following the thread and thought I would not reply, but maybe this helps you a bit, I hope that you read and think about this carefully.

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......Now are there any serious C Sharp programmers in the house so that we can move on to more serious matters here?

Yes, there are many seriously talented C# developers on this forum, most of whom have implemented much more challenging solutions than this. It is not about getting the serious developer. Have you stopped and asked yourself why none of us developers are jumping at the opportunity yet? Let me tell you why I didn't put my hand up.

Whenever someone asks for support one of the most important things for me is seeing how willing they are to interact, listen to criticism (constructive or not) and either incorporate or refute the facts and in what way they do that. This gives me and idea of how flexible they are on working on a solution and changing if necessary to get to a good solution. It is not about if the solution works or not, it is about how the journey will be with this person to get to a solution, if that makes sense.

I looked at the thread and your immediate reaction to all the input you have been given (most of which is meant to guide you BTW, that's what this forum is brilliant at) and decided that it might not be a very good journey.

I wish you luck and hope you find a developer to assist you.

Good Trading,

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