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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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MerlinWorld View Post
Nah, no thank you.

NOW!....Is there ANYONE here who knows about C Sharp so that we can program and backtest this system?

I think it is strange how you keep asking for help but have a demeanor that does not want anyone to make suggestions.

There are several people on this thread that could easily create your indicator.
The problem is, they all know it will not produce the results you seek.
Most of us have been there and done that and can see the indicator is not your problem.

I wonder why you have never seen the need to become an Elite member.
If you were, you would know that similar indicators you seek are likely already on the forum in areas you can't access.
Why re-develop an indicator that already exists or is almost the same with different settings.

One clue I will offer is this:
When I look at your charts, I see a Renko bar chart.
Those look nice and orderly and make a nice chart.

I stopped using those many years ago because they give false results in backtest.
They also show prices on each bar that never occurred in real time.
But... since you are a 'seasoned' trader, you already knew this. Right?

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