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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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You can choose to keep defending yourself or you can invite collaboration.

But I invite collaboration however with post like you did, you leave me no choice but to defend myself.

All I ever wanted by posting here for the first time since I signed up in 2013 (because at 49 and been analyzing the Russell 2000 since 2004, I ain't no frat-boy like you said) is to post some screenshots of my 2 clouds indicators and get some type of positive response and yet all I did was defend myself ever since I posted it but that was expected and the negative storm is not over yet, more like you will come and trash me or my system or tell me how arrogant I am, etc but that won't stop me.

The elite will soon come because anyone with half a brain will just noticed that I could have doubled my $25 to $50 Friday and Today going fro $50 to $100 with 1 hand in my back if I would have programmed my strategy in C# which I don't know.

$100 in case you missed it is the 2nd doubling of the Level 1. I'm one trade away from reaching level 2 by storing an $100 orange backup and play with the other green $100. You prefer to talk about me or laugh at my ideas instead of looking at the REAL DATA and true potential of this system. Your loss.

Now if you don't like it, nobody forces you to come back here and "endure" my terrible arrogance. Just stick to the thread that makes you happy.



2 doublings done, 19 more to go. :-D

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