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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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I still have one or two of the stats based models that I built on trade station. I'm sure I have the data runs. I'm not sure if I have the EasyLanguage...but if I could code it, ANYONE can code it.

My objection to your candor was/is with the smug arrogance you showed up shouting. Guest, first post, and has captured and bred the goose that lays golden eggs. My gut says that you have never done anything in the markets past think about good ideas that might some set of balls on you to show up shouting without any idea of the audience or the "ways" discourse generally progresses here.

You are 100% correct to attempt a statistical model, especially if you want to turn it into a black/grey box. If you can bridle up the gusto you will find people here that can help or collaborate. If you listen and evaluate without bias you can likely benefit from years and years of reasonable experience. Retain what is beneficial and dismiss, without harm, what cant benefit your project. If you want to trot in like a coked up frat-boy on parents weekend, you will attract a following of "seekers", but you will have a tough go finding resourceful contributors interested in your idea.

You can choose to keep defending yourself or you can invite collaboration. My advice, try the rebrand suggested above. Join the forum. Start a new thread that seeks specific thoughts on an item outside of what you believe are your own specific talents.

Just my two cents.


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