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Boomerang indicator system at

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I am also new to this forum and find this a great way to share ideas. I too have bought the boomerang strategy and have traded it over the last six months. I have added the ATR trailing dots to the strategy and found it to be pretty decent. The problem that I have faced with the strategy is that it works great in trending markets or choppy markets that have large enough swings, but it doesn't do so well for me in short choppy markets. Adding the ATR trailing dots as a filter has helped as it reduces the number of trades taken in the short choppy periods. I am also looking into adding another momentum indicator as another filter, but still playing with it. It is interesting to see other people use this strategy and to see how they are doing using it. I also found that trading this strategy first thing in the morning and then possibly after 3pm EST, seems to work better. After lunch 1pm EST seems to be the worst. I would be curious as to others who use it with some success and if they use it alone (or with the TBS indicator) or if they add their own filters to it.


I bought it and I don't use it. It is a loser overall. There is some guy who has a room that trades it and is charging 25 per month. I don't remember who he is though. A google search might find him.

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