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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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In this screenshot, the market only hits the dark cloud once so you would get in at that level. Earlier that morning and later on that day, the price hovered within the 2nd and darkest cloud so you would get in at the peaks OVER that 2nd cloud. here again reversals at that level don't occur too often.

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My 2c comments and question. The squared ema kind of reminds me of the old "supertrend" ma or the ZeroLagHATEma. ("Heiken Ashi Triple Ema" or ZeroLagTEMA or the other ZeroLag's). So the two clouds serve as kind of a trend indication. Is the bottom/darker cloud set on a higher time frame similar to a 5min vs. 1min proportion? What happens when in chop and the clouds keep turning over each other, or does that rarely happen with your indicators (?) because a main concern is usually when the trend is ending. I think there is merit for the cloud setup to be a higher time-frame indication where the regular and higher time frames are synched with the trend and easier to see on one chart at least. And maybe it could display similarly on a minute candlestick bar chart as well. (i'd tried the renko bartype phase for a while, but have since preferred traditional minute bars now).

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