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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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Biggest mistake you made (and it happens often) is to create a thread with this sort of title

Not really because this type of title attracts 2 types of people:

1- The negative ones (oops! sorry, I meant to say the "Realist" ones)

2- The Elite, the best of the best, those traders who are on the cutting edge of research who don't trash it right away and ponder about it for a few days before replying.

It's those Elite Traders that I am still waiting for their replies.

On TradeStation, Tim was one of them. He came late but what he did is:

1- Read my "crazy thread"
2- Didn't fall for the "negative trap" and let them bitch about me and calling me names, etc
3- Programmed my Money Management System into code
4- Backtested it with his best trading system

And then and ONLY THEN... he posted screenshots of his performance report and even later on posted my MM technique into code so that it would calculate how much you have done/lost at the end of the day, see if you had enough to double your contracts and if so, apply that in the next trade.

it's when those Elite traders come in that the tone of the thread changes and the views EXPLODES because this "crazy 100% impossible" concept is suddenly "POSSIBLE" and that's based on stats and like I said, only stupid people argue against stats.

So that's what I'm doing here. Phase one (hear the negative bitch and laugh about it) is running it's natural course now but I'm waiting for Phase 2 (The best of the best of coders to jump in) and when this happens, "Hang on to your hats folks" things will get VERY BUSY HERE. Mark my words on that. :-)

Will it happen? Time will tell but if it doesn't happen in Big Mike's Forum, not sure it will happen at all.

So stay tuned, you never know where this thread will be next week from now.

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