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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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BTW Sierra chart support is the best!

Alright thanks, so Sierra Chart works on C++.

Do you know the difference between C++ and C Sharp (C#)?

For example here's the C# code for a 50 simple moving average...

using System;
using System.Drawing;
using PowerLanguage.Function;

namespace PowerLanguage.Indicator
    public class Mov_Avg_1_Line : IndicatorObject
        private AverageFC m_averagefc1;

        private VariableSeries<Double> m_avg;

        private IPlotObject Plot1;

        public Mov_Avg_1_Line(object ctx) :
            length = 50;

        private ISeries<double> price { get; set; }

        public int length { get; set; }

        public int displace { get; set; }

        protected override void Create(){
            m_averagefc1 = new AverageFC(this);
            m_avg = new VariableSeries<Double>(this);
            Plot1 =
                AddPlot(new PlotAttributes("Avg", 0, Color.Yellow,
                                           Color.Empty, 0, 0, true));

        protected override void StartCalc(){
            price = Bars.Close;
            m_averagefc1.price = price;
            m_averagefc1.length = length;

        protected override void CalcBar(){
            m_avg.Value = m_averagefc1[0];
            if (displace >= 0 || Bars.CurrentBar > Math.Abs(displace)){
                Plot1.Set(displace, m_avg.Value);
                if (displace <= 0){
                    if (this.CrossesOver(price, m_avg)){
                        Alerts.Alert("Price crossing over average");
                        if (this.CrossesUnder(price, m_avg)){
                            Alerts.Alert("Price crossing under average");
Can you please post the code of a C++ Sierra Chart of a simple Moving Average so that we can compare the code?

Also, do you know anything about EasyLanguage?

For example, this is the code for that same Simple Moving Average in EasyLanguage.

inputs:  Price(Close),Length(50);
variables:  Avg(0);
Avg = AverageFC(Price,Length);

If you can understand both codes up there, then I will send you my indicator code to convert them.



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