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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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As a whole, the entire point of our community is helping others with a positive attitude. I created the site because other forums were "infested" to use your term with negativity and trolling, and I couldn't stand it.

WoW! I didn't expect that one.

Glad to hear we share the same values.

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what you propose is practically 100% impossible.

Here, read this:

I think I need to remind you of my Part 1 where I posted screenshots of a guy who just proved that what you said was wrong. At least regarding my MM Technique that is.

Look again at the performance report, ESPECIALLY the one where Tim said that betting 656 contracts of the ES was high and where he managed to get to the Million $ mark in 10 weeks by locking down his ES contracts to only 18 which was more down to earth.

As I said on a previous post, EVEN if you failed 1000 times and seen other "experienced traders" (because my 14 years of analyzing, learning, programming systems and backtesting them doesn't seem to count here) have also failed a 1000 times, YOU CAN'T tell a new guy that his system will fail or that it is impossible because he's NOT using the same systems and strategies that YOU USED.

This "Super Crazy" idea of doubling my contract is NOT that far fetched. You just need 5 pts and you have done 1 of the doubling.

I didn't say it was easy or that I will be super consistent because you can't do that. However, I have shown you my indicator and you laugh at it or toss it aside, you are missing a big part of this Million $ climb because any experienced trader will tell you that you need to:

1- Find the trend
2- Buy the dips

...and my indicator is the best I have seen to help me do that and trust me, with 14 years of watching the TradeStation forums and EL programmers come up with all kinds of crazy indicators, I have seen A LOOOOOOOOOT of them so just from that statement alone should gain me some respect here instead of treating me like a kid who just discovered trading last week.

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A good place to start is the "Where to start as a trader?"


I got TONS of VHS tapes (that shows my age right there), books, CDs, DVDs, online courses and years of programming and testing under my belt so again... STOP SEEING ME LIKE A NEWBIE....BECAUSE I'M NOT.