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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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Trading Experience: Beginner
Platform: TOS, TWS, Sierra chart
Broker/Data: AMP,IB
Favorite Futures: ES,Euro Bund
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Hi @merlin,
i'm new here and this is my first post here (exclude my Introduce).
I don't have 14 years of trading experience, i don't invented perfect trading sistem.
I have only 4 years of learning, attempts, huge losses, sweat and tears... all of you know's.
3 weeks ago i did my first withdrawal 10K from AMP Futures, starting this time with 3.1K, make 12K profit in 11 trading days.
Trading ES, NQ, Euro Bund.
I haven't hard trading system, experimenning constantly with indicators and moving averages...
I haven't right money management system (overtrading, big sizes, chasing...)
If i can make this... you with your experience and systems can make your goal

@merlin Please keep going, i beleve it's possibly (technicaly), but psychologically very difficult.
I speak now about myself - My worst enemy is myself.
Please keep posting here.
About coding indicators: why you not use Sierra chart there are great opportunities of customasing.
You can send me your indicators code, i'm not professional programer, but can try.

P.S. Never stop going!!!

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