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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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Ok, you call my post stupid,

I didn't call you or your post stupid, I said..

"...Stupid people are the ones arguing with stats."

Can't you see the difference?

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Why the heck do you think you are able to make 5 R2K points each day und this consistent?

First of all, I NEVER SAID that I was going to make my 5pts every single day of the month here.

I did say that with my 2 clouds indicator, I can more easily find the right trend and the deepest pullbacks and USUALLY... when you catch one of those, making your 5 pts is not a problem.

I never said also that I will always win and never make any losing trades either. That's impossible. However, I did say that by using modern charts and bars, you cut your losses a lot down to below 1 pt, most at or even under 0.5 pt so that would make it a 10:1 ratio strategy where when you lose, you lose peanuts but when you win, you make a lot.

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