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Millionaire in 10 weeks & Conversation with broker

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I hope nobody believes in this nonsens.

This is not the first guy with a similar calculation, I wish him all the best, but the show will not last that long.

A trader with 14 year of experience should know that he will fail with this idea.

Be more specific and constructive will ya?

Where do you think it will fail. You already have screenshots of backtesting from Tim PROVING TO YOU that it can work on Forex and to do that 100% ROI with Forex we had to do 26.5 pips daily and do that 5 days in a row and he still managed to do it.

I'm on Micro M2K contracts that cost only $25 a piece and all I need is to make 5 pts daily on the Russell 2000 (and I have done it on my very first trade Friday) that makes easily over 100 pts during the day. I'm sure there are traders here who can make 5 pts on the Russell with 1 hand in their back.

So again, don't just spit out negative stuff like "Bah...this is nonsense... he will fail... go home" because that goes 10 feet above my head when people say stupid stuff like that without telling me EXACTLY where will the system fail ESPECIALLY after serious backtesting and screenshots of positive number on a performance report.

Stupid people are the ones arguing with stats. So be smart in your reply or just leave this thread.