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Taylor Trading Technique (TTT)

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Taylor Trading Technique

The Taylor Trading Technique was invented by George Douglass Taylor back in late 1940’s early 1950’s.
His Technique is a short term method to trade the inherently choppy nature of the markets. The easiest way to understand Taylor’s “structure” of a 3 Day Market Cycle is to adopt his view of the markets as being driven by the large manipulators or the “Smart Money”.
His core premise was that the market was not only manipulated, but it was manipulated in stages. These stages repeat over and over again in a few different ways that can be categorized. The structure of his 3 Day Trading Cycle is
1) Buying
2) Selling
3) Selling Short
Accordingly, each day of his 3 Day Cycle had a name: the “Buy Day” or “BD”, the “Sell Day” or “SD” and the “Sell Short Day” or “SSD”.
Taylor quantified the market by keeping a detailed “Book” which measured the moves and the measurements were entered manually.
Taylor would specifically quantify: - Rally from the Buy Day Low to the Sell Day High
and - Decline from the Sell Short Day High to the Buy Day Low.
Taylor believed that one could interpret what the big manipulators were doing by watching Highs and Lows across days.

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