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Experience at Live Trading Rooms

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Hi all,
I did not forget about my promise, I was and is a bit busy... I completed the trial with Cannon trading. I will post my logs as soon as I have time. In short, they were profitable both weeks of my trial. The first week they had 3 of 4 (I joined on Tue, not Mon) loosing days but not much, 2-5 ticks. But they recover on Fri, which was trending day and made about +$700 per contract. Lucky Fri? Maybe. The second week of my trial was what I call an easy week - volatile market, all days were trending days, the market was up and one could trade any instrument long and make a lot... It was easy to make money or to loose big. They were up more then $1000 per contract that week... I do not remember exact number in my logs.
In general they are OK. I like the format. Unlike many others they put markers on the chart in advance and clear entry lines - they have their system which I will not describe here. Their system is pretty much straight forward and easy to follow. They do not sell the indicators or methodologies. I may not agree with everything they do and how they do this but... There is very little talking which I like bcs some trading rooms like live chats - everyone talks to everyone, which is total bs to me... I will post my complete logs some day soon.


One more quick question about this room. Do they only trade the first 2 hours of the day? And do you need to open a futures account with them to have access to the room after the trial period is complete?


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