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Experiences with Collective2

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Michael.H View Post
Im actually trying to put my system on collective 2 right now.... There's alot of things that i don't get. For example, if i understood it correctly, if i enter a limit order and i get filled, it automatically get turned into a market order for the people that are following my signals. Now most of the times thats ok, but there are times i get filled on my limit orders since its been sitting there for a while. That could have adverse affects if your trading the ES, since your market order might get a bad fill, and your results would be different. Also, half the trades i did today didn't post for some reason. I don't understand why, and when i reported it, they didn't respond back to me yet....

I heard of something similar to collective2 called covestor. I'll have to check it out later on, still trying to get collective2 to work properly. I don't think they have the same connectivity to ninja like collective2 has, and im not even sure you can day trade futures on there. Will have to do a bit of more research.

It turns out that they don't support futures or even options.. so its a no go there

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