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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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jmh13 View Post
He was partnered with TI years ago...Franz Shoar stay away. They wacked me for 5k... down the drain. They trade divergences on 2 min chart. stoc and macd save your $$$. I confronted their scam at NY traders expo in 2005 and Felton split with TI. If you search the net you can find their stuff...probably a waste of time reading it. Nothing useful.

Good to know.

ironman07 View Post
Rodger keeps a few different sim accounts running so he"ll always be able to show profits that are totally unrealistic to any real time trader. His likeability keeps those in his programs off the fact that he"s never trading real money but just a great salesman pushing new system after new system. some people always want to believe they've found the holy grail. how many times does Rodger pop up within a few $$ of his daily goal on his sim accounts without ever showing any trades?

Yeah, I remember his sim-trading psychobabble before he got banned ( https://futures.io/elite-circle/7720-felton-tips-trading-techniques-12.html#post280226) Another was puma avatar "Jaguar Ed" and his beginner's section thread where he was finally also exposed as a sim scammer, but that section seems to have been excised now. (https://futures.io/beginners-introductions/20120-take-inexpensive-route-13.html)

The tradingschools review: https://www.tradingschools.org/reviews/felton-trading/

"By far, the most common emails that I receive from persons that purchase trading products is that they cannot replicate the trades from the system vendor or the live trading room. Most people tell me horror stories of how they started off with hope and faith. How they purchased the trading system or magic indicators and then optimistically funded the trading account with $10,000 from savings. They begin trading. And then about a week or two later, they start to notice these tiny discrepancies. These little misses in price and execution. The trading vendor makes $100 on a trade, while they make $75. The trading vendor loses $100 on a trade, while they lose $125. After awhile, the miss in price starts to compound and stack up. The vendor is showing a profit of $800 for the week, while the customer has only broken even. These “degrees of separation” seem insignificant, like e coli bacteria, but they quickly multiply and compound. Eventually this tiny separation in performance grinds the account down, slowly and subtly. But grind it does.

The bottom line is that the trading vendor is riding the simulated results of a magical unicorn. They enjoy every benefit. They eat twinkies and their equity curve slowly moves higher. But the customer, whom is frantically attempting to replicate the results are slowly grinding the account down to zero. Its sad. I hear this exact same story, most every single day."

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